Here is the final conference program. We have not had time to make late changes in the text below.

Friday, August 4

4:00 pm Registration opens, exhibit tables open –McIinnis Lobby

5:00-6:00 pm Dinner provided in Walton Hall dining commons (snacks will be available 5-7 in Eagle Residence Hall for those not dining in the commons)

7:00–8:30 pm Panel: Challenges We are Facing Today as Consistent Life Advocates, and Words of Wisdom as We Move Forward
–McInnis Auditorium
Shane Claiborne, Ron Sider, and Mary Rider

8:30 pm-? Social time, networking

9:00 pm Exhibit tables close

Saturday, August 5

7:30 am Registration and exhibit tables open –McInnis Lobby

8:00-9:00 am Breakfast and Table Topics –Walton Hall dining commons

9:00-10:15 am Panel Discussion: Connecting the Life issues and Bridging the Life/Peace Divide –McInnis Auditorium
Joyce McCauley-Benner, Fr. David Link, Kristen Day, Shane Claiborne, and Mary Liepold

10:25-11:55 am Workshops Session 1

Human/Sex Trafficking: A CLE Issue  –McInnis 120
(Joyce McCauley Brenner, Hugh Organ, Rachel Peller, Ginny Cronin)

The Death Penalty and the Consistent Life Ethic –McInnis 121
(Shane Claiborne, Fr. David Link, Krisanne Murphy, Dale Recinella)

       Growing Diversity of the Pro-Life Movement –McInnis 251
(Kelsey Hazzard and Kristine Kruszelnicki)

Spreading the CLE Message on Campus –McInnis 252
(Aimee Murphy, Rosemary Geraghty, Paige Kubenka)

The Challenge of Addressing Racism and the CLE –McInnis 253
(Darren Calhoun, Cassandra Hill, Ifeoma Anunkor)

12:00-1:00 pm Lunch and Table Topics –Walton Hall dining commons

1:15-2:45 pm Workshops Session 2

The Consistent Life Ethic and the LGBTQ Community –McInnis 120
(Kristyn Komarnicki, Rosemary Geraghty, Darren Calhoun)

Putting Social Justice and Respect Life Together –McInnis 121
(Francis Maier, Thad Crouch, Evelyn Parker Brush, Mary Rider)

Challenging our Throw-Away Culture –McInnis 251
(Maureen Swinger, Steve Bozza, Greg Schleppenbach)

Speaking and Writing for the CLE Movement –McInnis 252
(John Whitehead, Sarah Terzo, Mary Meehan)

3:00-4:30 pm Workshops Session 3
(child care available)

Healing from Abortion, Healing from War –McInnis 120
(Rachel MacNair, Steve Bozza)

Pacifism, Just War, and Peace –McInnis 121
(Rob Arner, John Whitehead, Mary Liepold)

Messaging for the Consistent Life Movement –McInnis 251
(Kristen Day, Ginny Cronin)

Faith and Reason: Paths to a Consistent Ethic of Life –McInnis 252
(Tony Magliano, Kelsey Hazzard)

5:00-6:00 pm Dinner –Walton Hall dining commons

6:00 PM Exhibit tables close

6:15-7-30 pm Speaker: John Carr: Bringing the Life and Peace Communities
Together to Face our Challenges as CLE Advocates
–McInnis Auditorium

7:30 pm to ? Social Time, Networking

9:00 Exhibit tables close

Sunday, August 6

7:30 am Registration and exhibit tables open –McInnis Lobby

8:00-9:00 am Breakfast and Table Topics –Walton Hall dining commons

9:15-10:45 am Workshops Session 4

History of Consistency, Psychology of Consistency –McInnis 120
(Rachel MacNair, Jim Kelly)

 The Challenge of Talking to Conservatives About Peace –McInnis 121
(John Whitehead, Mary Meehan) 

What Else Should the Consistent Life Ethic Embrace?– McInnis 251
(Rachel Peller, Ashika Townsend Eaton and Witlee Ethan)

Building Bridges among Unlikely Allies –McInnis 252
(Lisa Stiller and Carol Crossed)

The Role of Restorative Justice –McInnis 253
(Krisanne Murphy, Dale Recinella) 

11:00-11:50 pm Interfaith Worship/Hiroshima Day Commemoration
(off-campus worship opportunities provided at registration) –room TBA

12:00-1:00 pm Lunch –Walton Hall dining commons

1:00 pm Exhibit Tables close down

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