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30th Anniversary Conference
August 4th-6th, 2017
Eastern University, near Philadelphia

As our country continues on a path towards increasing divisiveness, especially towards life issues and peace issues, our conference will address what people can do in their own communities to advocate for a Consistent Life Ethic. It will bring people from various political/faith/ideological backgrounds together for the important conversations we must have.

Our conference goals:

Give participants multiple opportunities to network with other supporters of the Consistent Life Ethic

Make contacts and share ideas with those seeking to get more involved in our advocacy

Educate those who are interested in finding more about the Consistent Life Ethic

Give participants hands-on ideas, resources, and tools to advocate and educate for the Consistent Life Ethic in their communities.

Our conference is family-friendly.  Programs and child care for the younger attenders will be run by Little Friends for Peace. They will play cooperative games, learn conflict resolution skills, read stories and do activities related to peace makers, and do art projects. There is no charge for children 0-3 to be part of the conference, and there are reduced rates for those 4-11. While we are not charging for care of children, we will appreciate donations for that purpose (from parents or others) since it does cost us.