The Consistent Life Network is celebrating our 30th anniversary with a conference!

Our theme: “Creating a Holistic Culture of Life: Bridging the Life/Peace Divide”.

 Yes, you can be pro-life and pro-peace!

We believe that being pro-life means opposing all killing: from conception to natural death. 

We oppose war. We oppose the death penalty. We oppose abortion. We oppose euthanasia. And we believe poverty and racism are acts of violence.

 Our conference will work to connect these life issues.  Our goal is to provide many opportunities for networking and give participants the tools and resources to be more effective advocates in their communities for the Consistent Life Ethic.
Join us on August 4-6, at Eastern University, in St. Davids, PA, just outside of Philadelphia.
Housing and meals are available to conference attendees at a very reasonable rate.
Registration is sliding scale, and we also offer assistance for those who need it to attend.
The conference includes at least 16 workshops, an interfaith service, a special commemoration of Hiroshima Day on August 6, and a Saturday evening social event.
Panels on Friday evening and Saturday morning will address the challenges the Consistent Life movement has been facing and how we can work to overcome them.
Sunday’s panel will look at nuclear weapons, war, and the Consistent Life Ethic.
Our conference is family-friendly.  Programs and child care for the younger attendees will be run by Little Friends for Peace. They will play cooperative games, learn conflict resolution skills, read stories and do activities related to peace makers, and do art projects.integral to this part of the program as well as those parts primarily aimed at adults.  There is no charge for children 0-3 to be part of the conference, and there are reduced rates for those 4-11. While we are not charging for care of children, we will appreciate donations for that purpose (from parents or others) since it does cost us.
Check out our speakers and workshops!